سوريا تحتاج مساعدة

the crisis

9.3 million people considered food insecure Devastating forest fires destroy homes and crops Unequipped to fight COVID-1980% of Syrians live below the poverty line after 9+ years of warCurrency inflated by 314% since 2011 More than 11 million require humanitarian assistance Up to 70% of the health workforce has left the country Syria can not rebuild or recover economically due to unilateral sanctions placed by the U.S. and EU

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NOTE: This page is a completely unbiased and non-political tool made by a Syrian to help Syria. All information is based off facts. The donation links listed are all helpful to ordinary Syrian citizens and are not affiliated with funding the government or any other groups that are not charity organizations.

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Deliver Food Baskets

Message any of the pages above in order to donate food baskets to someone you know or to others in need. All of the links above are in Arabic, however if you are having difficulty navigating them, feel free to use the contact form below to request a translation.


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NOTE: This page is a completely unbiased and non-political tool made by a Syrian to help Syria. All information is based off facts.


Contact Your Representatives: Email Template

Find the contact information for your state representatives here and for your state senators here . Please DO NOT use the contact form below to send this message, the contact link goes to the creator of the Carrd ONLY..

SUBJECT: Lifting Sanctions on Syria

Hello, my name is [Your Name] and I am a resident of [City/State]. I am contacting you today as your constituent to demand that you do your part in order to put an end to the violent and murderous sanctions implemented against Syria, including the recent Caesar Act.

Regardless of political views on the conflict, sanctions are only hurting the Syrian people and do little to hurt the government itself. Over 80% of Syrians now live below the poverty line and the currency rate has been devalued by over 50% due to the implementation of the Caesar Act. Over 9.3 million Syrians are considered food insecure and they have little access to humanitarian aid due to the U.S. sanctions making it extremely difficult to obtain permits for humanitarian exemptions.

An independent expert within the United Nations, Mr. Idriss Jazairy, even confirmed the brutality of the sanctions on Syria by stating that “restrictive measures are only making the situation worse” and “it [sanctions] is not allowing humanitarian actors to access the humanitarian exemptions.” I, along with other constituents and Americans, refuse to allow the use of my taxpayer dollars in funding the starvation of innocent people abroad. I urge you to introduce a congressional bill to lift sanctions or take another path of action to avoid causing further harm to the Syrian people. I will certainly be taking your response into consideration during the next election.

[Your Name]

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